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Geraint Humphreys

We Are Pop Slags is a British pop music website. Did we mention pop? We scour the net on a daily basis to uncover the most exciting and up-to-the minute pop news, music and videos so fans can find all they need in one place.

While we have nothing against the guitar, we want to remind the world of the importance of incredible tunes and awesome performances. We have a broad remit ranging from power pop, dance, R&B and electro. If it’s got a good tune and a bad attitude, we’ll cover it.

The name? We’re fickle, we’re immoral and most important, we like a bit of fun. That makes us pop slags. One day we can’t stand you, the next we’re all over you.

And we’re quite successful at being pop slags; we were nominated for the 2010 BT Digital Music Awards and we’re doing rather well on the Wikio chart for music blogs.

 About We Are Pop Slags

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Silvan Schreuder

We are an independent website and your two editors are:

* Geraint Humphreys (geraint at wearepopslags dot com)
* Silvan Schreuder (silvan at wearepopslags dot com)

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